martes, 8 de julio de 2014

Proyecto Mujeres Tras la Cámara


2014 - 2015
Todos los derechos Reservados

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  1. Interesting project!
    How long will the trip be? How long do you estimate the whole documentary will be?
    And how will it be distributed to the public?
    I could not find these details here:


    1. Dear Kamal, thank you for being interesting in our project.

      We planned a trip of about a year, but we do not want to be too rigid with the time, for this reason can be a little more than a year, but we have the documentary in its final stage in early 2015.
      The distribution will be, in two ways, first in social networks and also in a web that we are building now, and also in this blog, Finally we are looking forward to put the total documentary in some of festival in latin america, also we are searching some in europa.
      I really hope to answer your questions, and it would bee grate if you want to sport us, les us know more of you and your intereses.

  2. Thanks for your reply!
    I will definitely support your project. Best of luck with it! ; )

    Take care

    1. How is ti going dear Kamal, lets us know if you are part of our project.


  3. Thank you very much for supporting us Kamal.
    It will be a pleasure to have you on this great adventure.
    Soon you'll get news & details of our progress, stay with us